NextGen Technology: A global organisation specialising in quality assurance testing. We’re focussed on mobile device hardware and software testing, from performance and connectivity through to mobile applications and cloud. NextGen specialises in mobile connectivity, Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G, 4G and USB and the interoperability of mobile devices with these technologies. We work with software and hardware developers to ensure applications and services running on mobile devices function as designed.

The wide and diverse range of mobile products and connected services today can result in compatibility and performance issues with connectivity and application functions between devices and ecosystems. In partnership with developers and manufacturers worldwide, we ensure that customers’ mobile handsets and other devices are compatible with connected electronics, and the applications that run on them, improving the ownership experience and removing a costly potential cause of dissatisfaction.

Our approach is to provide full-service in-depth testing of interoperability in our engineering and development facilities in UK, USA, India, China, Japan & South Korea. NextGen provides a comprehensive solution from market research, global device libraries, tailored test programs, analysis and comprehensive data presentation.
We have a wide range of data presentation solutions, from technical analysis services designed to help engineering partners diagnose interoperability issues during development phase, through to customer facing websites and services for  end users to find comprehensive and helpful information to guide their use of the technology and ensure satisfaction.