NextGen's processes encompass global market research, maintenance of a comprehensive library of all key mobile phones and media players across the globe. Engineering processes are strictly managed and controlled to assure robustness in our process, complete traceability and repeatability. Results are validated through a quality assured review and approval process. Issues discovered through these processes can be further analysed in depth engineering issue 'deep dives'. Following on we provide data mining and reporting and then export via data exchange and output data via custom APIs to the NextGen global interoperability websites which are provided for many of our customers.

All of  NextGen services are managed and coordinated via a bespoke global software platform which streamlines all of NextGen's process operations. The platform allows all global operations in all locations to be synchronised and manages the work flow and data streams from engineering processes through devices management, process control, data mining and reporting through to output of data on the many website that NextGen provide to our customers worldwide.

These websites are driven by the back end data systems which also include detailed summaries of the test processes written for the consumer and translated into dozens of languages. The results are accompanied by detailed user guides to step end user through common issues for their specific vechile and phone combination.

The advantage of this streamlined system is speed. The advantage is obvious when up to the minute results are needed. For example on the launch of key phones NextGen are able to test the release version of the device and have full test detailed results online on customer websites in near realtime.