NextGen provide a full range service in interoperability testing, firmly focussed both at the engineering PD level and on the end user. For the engineering teams we provide in depth issue analysis and partnership approach which allows fast response and resolution to issues both in development and launch environments. Post launch we focus on ensuring the end user experience in the car is both successful and rewarding. Our engineering efforts are robust and repeatable and provide information at the level of detail the technical teams and the customer demand.


The interoperability tests verify the functionality of the various connectivity interfaces supported by the system under test. These include:
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • USB

Test Scope

The tests are customised to meet the needs of the customer. The main areas are:
  • Development tests on new systems that focus on new features and verify the system to a greater depth with more test cycles.
  • Regression testing the latest phones against existing systems or the same phones against a new system software release.
  • Pre-testing with beta versions of phone software.
  • Re-producing end customer issues that have been reported by utilizing the large library of phones.

Regions & Operators

The NextGen global offices allow systems to be verified in the key market regions where the systems are being sold. A wide range of the major carriers are routinely verified with the option for bespoke verifications on specific combinations of Operator, Phones and Systems.

Test Execution

  • NextGen combine automated testing and manual testing. Manual testing is used to ensure that the systems are verified in the same way that end customers would use them. The timing of button presses and the use of a natural voice are key to reproducing normal use cases. Automated testing is used to stress specific aspects of the system where the functionality needs to be verified over thousands of cycles.
  • NextGen have built up an understanding of the issues with Car Infotainment systems. The tests are varied depending on whether issues are repeatable or whether there is a statistical variation that relies on asynchronous events.

Functionality & Features

Whilst Hands Free communication remains the core business. NextGen are tracking the developments in audio streaming with companies like Spotify, Baidu & QQ.

NextGen are also verifying phone applications that operate standalone or are linked with the systems and functions as part of a larger system.