Our philosophy and principles

At NextGen, we believe that our innovative solutions provide the critical knowledge to help automotive mobile communications function seamlessly across all markets around the world.

Build Customer Value – We listen to customers, understand their challenges and strategies, and ensure that NextGen is viewed as fundamental to their success.

Instill Excellence – We are uncompromising in our pursuit of quality and highest standards in our services and how we do business.

Embrace Diversity and Teamwork – We embrace employees from different geographies, cultures, backgrounds and with different points of view. We contribute as diverse individuals and win as a unified team by sharing knowledge and opinions.

Customers & Markets

NextGen is a trusted partner to the global automotive industry. Our innovation has changed the way interoperability testing is executed and presented, we’ve helped the automotive brands we partner with to reach out to and better serve their customers around the globe. Today, by combining knowledge systems, advanced communications, innovative in house software tools and consulting expertise, NextGen is uniquely positioned to help our customers meet the significant challenges in ensuring compatibility and customer satisfaction both now and in the future.

Objectives & Scope

The technological world around us is changing rapidly, and the challenges posed by the increasing pace of technological innovation for automotive industry and car users are both exciting and daunting. From rising demand for in vehicle information on demand and systems which increasingly assist the driver, the automotive industry is now more than ever at the forefront of innovation.


NextGen is a privately owned company which is able to develop at pace with our customers and partners and focus on understanding and meeting the needs of our sector to realise the vision of in car interoperability.

Founders & History

Possessing rich and diverse industry knowledge in the automotive, information technology and mobile sector, our senior management team delivers an unprecedented level of commitment and value to our customers and shareholders.