Our process is centred upon a global research program which monitors and surveys device launches and carrier portfolios in every market around the globe. From this research we are able to identify and track the key launches and markets for the mobile phones worldwide and map detailed variables such as mobile OS adoption and portfolio device life cycles.

Having established the vehicle and the geographical market of interest, we factor customer demographic information from the vehicle and mobile technology manufacturers.

Coupling this with actual market data, feedback from OEM regional managers and our own insights developed from the market intelligence we have gained, we are able to select the most appropriate products for initial verification through our process.

This is an ongoing process and we retest regularly with key device launches and major software updates helping define a recommended test list for each program test period. These techniques ensure the right data is available to our clients when they need it and helps to keep costs down by avoiding irrelevant or unnecessary testing.

Our global devices list are regularly updated with latest device launches and are available for download. To get access to these resources please register.